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If you don't have a Will the government dictates who will inherit your assets. In Nunavut, basically the 1st $50,000 goes to your spouse and the rest is then split between your spouse and your children. If you have no spouse then it will go to your children equally and if you also have no children it will go to your parents, brother and sisters and on and on.

Unfortunately leaving only $50,000 to your spouse may create a hardship, as your spouse may need all of your assets just to live and to raise the kids. To prevent that from happening, you can prepare a Will that will state that all of your asets are go to your spouse so he/she can manage after you are gone.

A will also gives you the chance to cut somebody out of your estate, or to add someone, such as an unofficially adopted child or a favourite niece, who would not otherwise inherit anything from your estate.

Making a Will allows you to appoint who will be the exectutor, meaning the person who will look after your estate. This may be a good situation to maybe put your brother-in-law who is an accountant.

Making a Will is not expensive. Call or email me to find out how much.


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